Goal-directed, Educationally-based Coaching, Training & Nutritional Support Programs for Corporate Weight Management,
Bariatric Surgery Pre-Qualification, Personal Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance & Wellness
Automated Web-based Educational Support Programs + Lifestyle Coaching, Nutritional and Fitness Training Programs

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How to Use the PWMWS Education, Coaching and Self-Management System
to Optimize Your Weight & Health and/or Pre-Qualify for Bariatric Surgery Pre-approval

  • After program enrollment, select a Premier Weight Management and Wellness Success Program Coach or ask your physician's practice to refer you to a PWMWSP Network Coach in order to receive your complimentary metabolic (metabolism testing) and weight control shakes from PWMS or Bariatric Advantage*
  • Must Complete Initial Personal Weight Loss Goal Profiler and Pre-test
  • Then review each online Education/Teaching Module and take corresponding post-segment Quiz
  • Next, complete the post-course Profiler and take the end of course Post-test
  • Finally, click on Education/Teaching Modules and Forms, and create and print "Certificate of Completion" for your completed course and now you are ready to begin our coaching and structured weight management program
  • Schedule baseline metabolism measurement by a PWMWS Coach or Metabolism Testing Consultant, select 3 to 6-month structured meal strategy and graduated fitness training and aerobic activity plan

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  • Seek baseline Physician/Medical Evaluation for Proper Clearance and Consideration for use of any FDA-approved Weight Loss Medications
  • Review one weight management success education principle every week or two, complete the corresponding weight management self-assessment, and then simply Download, Print, and Complete the Clinical Documentation Form. Take form with you to your PWMWS Coach or and then primary care doctor for completion, especially if you would like or need for your weight loss endeavor to qualify as a medically-supervised weight management program.
  • Consult with your Professional or Weight Management Success Coach after each professional coaching review session for reinforcement and to clinically document program participation
  • Implement each principle into your daily and weekly habits or practice
  • Remember to take the final post-test after you have reviewed all teaching modules and taken all corresponding self-assessments
  • Have your physician or PWMSC refer you for professional nutritional counseling at the end of the 6-month preparation and pre-qualification program, especially if you are contemplating bariatric surgery
  • Have your physician or PWMSC refer you for professional nutritional counseling at the end of the 6-month preparation and pre-qualification program
  • Attain a personal 5-year weight history from your PCP, if you are able
  • Select, get referred to or follow up with your Bariatric Surgery Center or Surgeon after 6-month Exit Medical Evaluation/Interview, if you are considering surgery
  • Schedule and undergo Repeat Metabolism and Reassess Personal Calorie Budget after 6-months, as indicated
  • Continue with your Structured Meal and Exercise Plan until you reach your weight loss and wellness goal and beyond!
  • Continue participating in our $70 Pay-As-You-Go PWMWS Coaching and Personal Training Program until you reach your goal!

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