Stepwise, Goal-directed, Educationally-reinforced Healthy Lifestyle Modification and Weight Management Success Coaching Programs

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Human Resources – Corporate Leaders
"We have a solution that is right for you!"

Teamwork Why Partner with Premier Weight Management and Wellness Solutions, LLC?
  • We will help your organization improve the overall health and well-being of your employees by promoting weight management/maintenance and wellness through educational empowerment, professional coaching and fitness training, and providing healthy nutritional and dietary options.
  • We are able to provide your workers/corporation with a structured, professionally-monitored weight management, wellness, and healthy lifestyle management program that is safe, executable and effective for your employees.
  • Our corporate partners work directly and indirectly with your employees' to improve their wellness status and productivity.
  • We focus on helping at risk employees reduce their risk of developing additional obesity related diseases, decrease their need for frequent and/or unplanned doctor/hospital visits and emergency admissions.
Additional benefits of participating the PWMWS Program include:
  • It will lower the future costs of employee health benefit packages
  • It can help to decrease absenteeism
  • It will help you (the employer) develop a reputation for promoting a healthy and lifestyle-friendly workplace
  • It will help to increase employee morale
What is the value of our program for HR VPs, Directors, Managers, and Specialists?
  • We offer employees/employers structured, professionally-guided, comprehensive, integrated wellness and weight management solutions.
  • You (the Employer) can reimburse a portion or all of the out of pocket expenses incurred by those employees that participate in one of the Premier Weight Management and Wellness Success Programs.
  • Your company can direct wellness dollars to partially fund or subsidize a group or individual for this health and wellness initiative via our coupon code program for employees as well as their dependents.
  • Your company will have the option to track and monitor the effectiveness and results of this state-of-the-art weight management and wellness program.
Teamwork Why should you contact us to get more information and get started?
  • A large number of adults can be reached through their workplaces
  • Employees often spend half of their waking hours at the workplace, which provides enough time for their health behaviors to be positively influenced
  • Educating and empowering women and men in the workforce may have the added benefit of improving their families weight, nutrition and physical activity choices

What’s The Next Step? [Contact Us]

  • You or your Human Resources Department can contact our Premier Weight Management and Wellness Solutions Specialist at (404) 721-4194, who can provide you or them with more information on our programs and services.
  • Your company can contact us via the website and a PWMWS Representative will contact you to discuss how our program(s) can help your company and employees accomplish their weight management and health improvement goals.

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