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We are excited about your interest in becoming a DFL affiliate Professional Weight Management and Wellness Success Coaching Expert(PWMSC) for the Weight Management & Wellness Success Coaching Network. As you probably already know, our weight loss and weight maintenance system is educationally-based and medically driven, so let's get to the Bariatric Surgery Preparation and Pre-Qualification Program.

This program is simple and straightforward. If you are a certified personal trainer, or a member of their training staff (certified physical therapists, also), all you have to do is register at as an affiliate coaching specialist, and then inform your clients clients who are interested in losing weight, qualifying for weight loss surgery, or preparing for long term weight management success about the program and refer them to the website or one of our network professional weight management and wellness success coaches.

As they register for the PWMWS program and enroll to become weight management success story or bariatric surgery pre-qualification coaching clients, they will identify you as their PWMWS coaching and program enrollment specialist, and you or your training center will receive compensation for measuring their metabolism as well as conducting the professionally-supervised weight management success reinforcement coaching program, overseeing their performance of appropriate clinical documentation using our pre-established guidelines and system for the patientís insurance company and/or Medicare criteria. Their primary care physicianís or the bariatric surgery practice should help verify insurance coverage for bariatric surgery and specific requirements of their health care insurance provider at the onset of the coaching program

All the PWMWS Coach has to do is to verify that the patient/client has reviewed the appropriate online teaching module and completed the related self-assessment, and taken the Pre-test and Post-test before measuring their baseline metabolism, setting a weight loss goal and daily calorie budget. Then begin coaching them on their weekly PWMWS behavior modification principles, and simply clinically document their progress and program participation as directed.

To become a PWMWS Coach or PWMWS Partner, simply enroll/register above and then enroll in our PWMWS Training Program, or sign up online by selecting All Inclusive Package in the Course e-Store for $1,495 (includes PWMWS Coach Training Course for designated staff member, MedGem 40 Indirect Calorimetry Metabolism Measuring Device and a downloadable PWMWS Coaching Guide, Course Manual, and Instruction Guide). A member of our staff will happily assist you. You may contact one of our PWMWS Enrollment Specialists at 800-840-0702 ext. 0 for the PWMWS Coaching Support Guide and the Independent Contractor Agreement.

Sign up directly for the PWMWS Training Course ($695) or for the All Inclusive Package ($1,495) and additionally receive 50 Complimentary Sample Packets of High Protein Meal Replacement Shake Mix (for program participants) after completion of Online Training Course/Post-test!

If your personal training center elects not to enroll directly by selecting the All Inclusive Package for $1495, you will receive a Complimentary MedGem 40 Indirect Calorimeter after you have enrolled enough coaching clients to accumulate $1595 Coaching Rewards Points or credits. Then you will continue to accumulate your rewards points or credits at a rate of $210 credits per 1 PSCP and $35 credits per 1 PCS (Professional Coaching Session). Your clients will receive meal replacement support (WCS) and credit from Bariatric Advantage or (Premier Meal Replacement Shakes) after they complete the Online Educational Course, including the Post-test. An Independent Contractor Agreement will be sent to you after registration and enrollment information is confirmed.

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[Important Note: Program Enrollment Fees for patients do not include or exclude insurance co-pay for medically-related office visits, where indicated. The Programs recommended have minimal follow up schedules as follows: Initial Medical Evaluation with nutrition labs, Baseline EKG. Clients with known medical conditions should initially follow up at 2 to 4 weeks intervals with their primary care physician, followed by clinical follow up visits at least once a month (including an exit evaluation and nutritional counseling session after 6 months).]

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